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GRRRL-NOISY is a Berlin music collective by and for FLINTA (Women, Lesbians, Inter, Nonbinary, trans and agender people) that was founded in Berlin in 2019, is self-organised and based on volunteer work. We are a collective that brings together diverse voices, talents and expertise from the genres of noise, grunge, punk, doom, metal or other extraordinary styles of the underground music scene, working together for an inclusive musical landscape in Berlin and beyond. 

GRRRL-NOISY is going to be your new best friend. The one who supports you, that you ask for advice and one you always have a lot of fun with!

With our jam sessions in Berlin we want to create a safer space for FLINTA to experiment on stage and to connect off stage.  The event quickly became a platform and community for FLINTA musicians and music lovers in Berlin’s music scene.


Thinking about coming to a Jam Session, but aren't sure if it's your thing? Then look at these pictures from our last sessions and tell us it doesn't look like a hell lot of fun! Join the jam on stage if you want, network off stage or just enjoy an after work drink, it's up to you! We will welcome you with open arms and loud music.


Looking for new band members? Gear? Photographers? Videographers? Need advice or just want to network? Then join our GRRRL-NOISY Facebook Group and meet the lovely bunch! We will also keep you up to date with new events and other fun stuff.


Or follow us on Instagram where we share even more news from our cosmos! 


Originally created for the Reeperbahn Festival, this documentary has our sisters and co-founders Kat and Bonnie talking about the founding collective, the GRRRL-NOISY cosmos and Berlin's music scene in general.

Film editing: Irem Schwarz

One finds inspiration, new friends and like-minded people! A strong network of strong women.

Birgit Jones



Feel free to reach out to us, if you want to join the collective, have questions or want to collaborate! We love to hear from you.

Just message us:


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