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A Swiss trio conquering territories between Garage, Blues, Fuzz Rock and Riot Grrrl Punk. Velvet Two Stripes self-released their third album Sugar Honey Iced Tea on October 15th, 2021. Packed with nine fuzzing and buzzing, kicking and howling beasts of songs, It delivers a raw sound based on blues, garage rock and riot grrrl punk, crafted in true D.I.Y.-spirit. It’s the sound of road-warriors that had their unfair share of confrontations, encounters and contradictions that women are experiencing all day, every day. But Velvet Two Stripes don’t take that Sugar Honey Iced Tea any longer.

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Anti-Corpos is a Hardcore band that formed in Brazil and is now living in Berlin. More than music, their lyrics are also political statements made to empower dissident bodies. Queer feminist, decolonial, anti-capitalism, anti-Ra and Anti-Fa, are just some of the topics and values you will find in their repertoire. With an explosive and powerful concert their new formation with two guitars is full of energy and a promise of a great time.

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Influenced by deep noise-rock of the nineties, Voodoo Beach are known for a striking contrast between loud, distorted core sections and more peaceful, ecstatic interludes. The triad of guitar, bass, and drums creates a dark soundscape, illuminated by crisp flashes on the snare and cymbals and complemented by warm, haunting vocals. Voodoo Beach are John-H. Karsten on the bass and lyrics duties, Josephine Oleak on the drums, and Heike Rädeker on guitar and vocals.

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Whether you think they’re pop, punk, sweet, harsh, wild, happy or way too serious: Get Jealous makes sure that you’re listening. Even when you think you don’t like punk.

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The toten Crackhuren im Kofferraum were formed in Berlin in 2007 as a flowing and changing electro pop collective. In a 2018 song Wir sind Leone Band (Wir sind ne Selbsthilfegruppe), they describe themselves as more of a self-help group, or a social experiment, than a band. Current members are the fabulous Lulu, Doreen, Kristeenager, and Ilay. Their fourth and latest album, Gefühle [Feelings] was released in October 2021.

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Besides the wonderful live acts, we have a dynamic DJ duo in store for you: the wonderful Fish'n'Candy!

They are guaranteed to have you (and us) dancing with their signature mix of all-female power pop, punk and garage.





FAUCHKRAMPF! are queer-feminist music label dedicated to supporting and growing the visibility of FLINTA* musicians.


My People Records

My People Records is a Hardcore/Punk Label with the goal of highlighting bands with BIPoC, Woman and/or LGBT*I Queer (FLINTA*) people — run by a black immigrant woman.


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Juliane Streich is a music and culture journalist and author of 'These Girls' and 'These Girls, too' — both reflecting on music history from a feminist lens.


Bruno ist dagegen

BRUNO ist Dagegen are a Berlin-based concert and record collective.


Fight Like A Girl Booking

Fight Like A Grrrl Booking (FLAG) was established in february 2020 in Leipzig, Germany with the aim to increase the visibility of flinta*bands in the DIY underground scene. Supporting and booking local bands as well as international ones, the founder Tarcy Mirinda is a musician herself fighting for change in the landscape of the diy music scene.



BIPoC musicians and artists are still very underrepresented in music and art scenes. They are under-appreciated by labels, broadcasters and booking agents, both in terms of recognition and financial terms. From a historical point of view genres like rock and punk have been mostly associated with white British and white US-Americans acts. The music's originally black roots have been actively concealed for decades. Although Black people invented rock and roll, BIPoC artists in this scene are either comparatively less well known or invisible, as the audience doesn't know and acknowledge that they are BIPoCs. In order to counteract this discrepancy and give a diverse artist community its rightful space, DECOLONOIZE, a Berlin collective of BIPoC musicians and music lovers, organizes concerts and events in the old punk way: From The Scene - For The Scene.



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