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I'm Mary, a multi-faceted individual with a passion for music, innovation, and empowerment. I am proud to serve as one of the co-founder of GRRRL-NOISY, amplifying FLINTA voices and promoting inclusivity within the music community. As a drummer for 24/7 Diva Heaven, I harness my musical talents to inspire and uplift audiences. Leading this collective, I am constantly brimming with innovative ideas to drive our mission forward.

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Photo credits © Christoph Eisenmenger 

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Hey friends! My name is Kat, and I sing and play guitar in the band 24/7 Diva Heaven. I'm also one of the co-founders of GRRRL-NOISY and have been part of the crew since day one! GRRRL-NOISY is truly an affair of the heart for me; there's nothing better than seeing FLINTA friends overcome their fears, jamming out, and launching their own band careers. GRRRL-NOISY feels like home, and that's what makes it so special. You'll usually find me in the planning team, working on festival pre-production, or on stage with Bonnie as a moderator.

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Drummer at Isoscope, CHLOR and Local Support

Jack-of-all-trades at GRRRL-NOISY



Hello! My name is Merle, I’m 22 and I play bass in the bands Isoscope and CHLOR. I only started playing bass two years ago because I wanted to be in a band when I moved to Berlin that same year. I knew a bit guitar but thought with my amateur skills I would have too much competition. I was intimidated by guys and felt pressure and was insecure. So I started playing bass, hoping my chances at finding a band would be better (but also because it’s the coolest instrument ever of course). Luckily I found three talented band mates. Philipp, Konstantin and Bonnie. Bonnie introduced me to Mary and the awesome idea of GRRRL-NOISY. At our Jam Sessions it’s super easy to connect with other womxn from the underground music scene of Berlin, find people to make music with or just jam and have fun in a supportive environment without being judged. Seeing how positive the feedback we get for GRRRL-NOISY is shows to us and everyone how important it is and how much we need this.


Merle, who grew up in the punk scene of Berlin, has raised her cracky voice in several bands. At GRRRL-NOISY, she finds the perfect intersection of her passion for music and her own feminism, allowing her to engage in political work. She prefers working behind the scenes and handling the paperwork. The creative collaboration with other members fulfills her, and she eagerly looks forward to the promising future at GRRRL-NOISY.

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Photo credits © Boris Niehaus

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Hey I’m Nira. I sing in a doom stoner metal band called Lion’s Skull and play the guitar. I’m also a booker for Rock Bands and festival organiser. I joined the GRRRL-NOISY crew in 2022, but took part in the jam sessions since August 2021. GRRRL-NOISY is the collective I was dreaming of: empowerment of female musicians, safe space to create together and play music, plus getting to know so many ace female musicians, connecting and just having a fun time.

My role in the GRRRL-NOISY gang is amongst others finding new opener bands for our jam sessions, planning and organizing the sessions as well as our festivals. During the events you'll find me either crawling around the stage to set things up, on the door and every now and then at the microphone when I get a creative surge ;)


Hey everyone! I'm Izzy and I play bass in the crust band Wüt and scream in my Blackmetalpunk project Mimesis. I joined GRRRL-NOISY when we started planning our first festival in summer 2022. Since then I found my bandmate Marike through our collective and we formed our baby - Wüt. I love to see how our jam sessions empower us to lose feelings of shame and to experiment with noises without fear. At GRRRL-NOISY you will mostly find me in front of the stage, cheering and motivating people to jump on stage. As much as I love the energy at our jams, I also like to prepare poster designs or help with booking bands.

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Photo credits © Boris Schöppner

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Photo credits © Claire Donner


Hiya! Here’s Lana, amateur vocalist, guitarist, and music producer. I joined GRRRL-NOISY in the summer of 2021 and have since taken on organizational, social media, and graphic design duties. I have the GRRRL-NOISY community to thank for the formation of my garage-punk band Cope Harder, which has been a satisfying and challenging project.


Outside of event organizing and music-making I’m a health science nerd and Public Health student, hoping to contribute to diversity and equity in healthcare — as GRRRL-NOISY does in the realm of music.


Hi! Im Renata!

From Hell de Janeiro, originally, but orbiting in Berlin since 2013. I started playing acoustic and electric guitar at the innocent age of 12. I had a couple of bands as a teeny but I let other people’s opinions get the better of me and gave up entirely. Then 16 years passed without touching the guitar. As sad as I used to think that was, losing all this time when I could have improved techniques and such, I matured the idea that it all comes when it must. It wasn’t after my blessed 30´s that I knew I couldnt run away from making (heavy) music again. Cliché or not, I know that I was ready and fully aware when the opportunities came. First, I found 3 women who embraced me and all our dreams and visions kinda of mashed together in the form of our sludge/classic metal band Aptera. Second, when Mary first brought the idea of GRRRL-NOISY. There’s some kind of commitment and engagement that you only fully picture after it all happened, but even then,  I knew she meant it and so did I! And now look at us, all of us creative women, having a home, a place with no boundaries, that we made it ours. I (mostly) overcame my fear of stage and went for this crazy noisy ride with this rad women!

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